The people of Irkutsk are certainly used to the sight of wooden houses, but when it comes to wooden houses in Japanese style, they might be a little surprised. Right in a breached urban area, just a few steps from Uliza Karla Marxa, you can find one of these Japanese examples for simple and natural architecture.

Restaurant Kyoto
ul. Karla Marxa 15a
open daily from 11am - 2pm
phone: +7-3952-550505

One could say that the building basically smells like luxury, but there is no reason to feel alienated. The staff are courteous and do their best in obeying Japanese rules for kindness. Jackets and coats are stored in a separate room; the bathrooms are amazingly clean; and the meals are surprisingly delicious. Unfortunately, the menu is only in English, and even for that you need some knowledge about Japanese food. For Japanese cuisine, the prices are really low; and for all of those without much knowledge about Japanese dishes or a high budget, the dishes offered for lunch are recommended. Their range includes classical Japanese dishes such as Miso, Sushi, Tempura, or Yakitori.

Priatnovo apetita or Itadakimas (=Enjoy the food!)

Lunch 325.- Rbl.
(daily during weekdays from 11am - 4pm)
Sushi 90 - 900.- Rbl.
Tempura 120 - 250.- Rbl.
Baked rice 80 - 200,-Rbl.
Yakitori 60 - 150.- Rbl.
Miso 60 - 120.- Rbl.
Desserts 80 - 120.- Rbl.
Tonic water 15.- Rbl.
Jasmin tea 25.- Rbl.
Asahi beer 115.- Rbl.

Restaurant Savoj
ul. Ckalova
phone: 34 05 22

Can be found near Angara Bridge. Is said to have quite good cuisine, never been there though.

Restaurant "Dom Kuzneca"
(House of the smith)
ul. Dzerzinskogo 36
phone: 27 60 39

Located in a small patio. Known for its good but affordable cuisine.

Hotel Intourist
Restaurant Beijing
bul. Gagarina 44
phone: 29 01 67, 29 01 71

Quite good but also quite expensive.

Restaurant Dragon
ul. Pjatoi Armii 67

Cheaper but nonetheless as good as Restaurant Beijing.

Restaurant Aura
Located in the house of the circus, east of Kirov-Place.
ul. Scheljabowa

Offers an acceptable menu. With cabaret in the evening (but an extra service fee will be charged).

Restaurant Fichtelberg

This restaurant has already been closed. It had originated in a partnership between the cities of Chemnitz and Irkutsk, and for quite some time it was basically the only restaurant in Irkutsk. Nowadays, the very exquisite boutique "Vojage" (currently, very popular among women) is using the location.

Bavarian Beerhouse
Only this summer a Bavarian Beerhouse opened at ul. Karla Marxa, just a few steps away from ul. Lenina. The doorkeeper greets you in original bavarian leather shorts and you get german beer together with savory dishes for a bit more than reasonable prices.


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30 Jan 2006

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