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www.baikalinfo.com is a project of Baikalplan e.V. (a registered society with its headquarters in Dresden, Germany) and it is also supported by its circle of friends that is steadily growing. Based on our experiences that we made during our own numerous journeys we try to gather and present all the information that can only partially be found in the internet and would have to be collected there in bits and pieces. Most of that information is missing in newspapers and common travel guides or it is not up to date. We provide information for those who are curious, for people who travel individually, for backpackers, globe trotters and for low budget travellers, for people who want to explore their own trails, away from the main tours that are usually taken by tourists and for people who want to take their time to find out about the "personal mentality" of a country.

During our slide shows and while talking about our journeys we were regularly covered with questions and asked for help with the organisation of individual trips to Siberia. Therefore we now try to answer those questions with the help of this portal, which is easily accessible for everybody and updated regularly. Furthermore it provides additional background information, reports of our own experiences, beautiful pictures and all the useful hints from the "insiders".

Next to providing information for individual travellers to Siberia it is as a matter of concern for us to support the people living at the spot. For many of them, especially in small settlements in Siberia, tourism is the only perspective. However, there is far too little experience in promoting the particular offers, too little communication and co-operation - everyone tries to make their business on their own and are often not recognised by those who would be interested if they only knew.
We would like to set up a network which connects all the small active groups and initiatives that exist in the cultural, social, ecological or economic filed around Lake Baikal and its surroundings, which are just as breathtaking, and we would like to present this network in a clearly laid out way for everyone who is interested. We would like to provide background information and contacts and tell stories - to make people curious and cut down still existing prejudices, to show that travelling individually in Siberia has become quite attractive and affordable. We want to make travellers aware of alternative routes that are less frequently visited, and, last not least, to continue telling our own stories and share the enthusiasm for this wonderful piece of our earth and its warm-hearted inhabitants.

We welcome everyone who would like to take part in this ambitious project!! This portal gains a lot from vivid participation. To stay up to date we are very thankful for every piece of new information and newly established contact and of course also for every other contribution you can think of - we are always happy to learn something new.

If you want to find out about other activities of Baikalplan e. V., have a look at our homepage www.baikalplan.de!


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13 Feb 2006

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