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Regional accommodation facilities at Lake Baikal

While there used to be no cheap accommodation -except for Nikitas Homestay at Chuzir on Olchon island - for westerly tourists at Lake Baikal, there were several changes taking place during the last years.

Inherently Irkutsk offers in the meantime a multitude of comparatively cheap accommodations. The kick-off was probably on when we initiated the foundation of the first siberian backpacker hostel in Irkutsk. Since the opening of Baikal hostel in Irkutsk in March 2003 three more backpacker hostels have been founded just in this region.

So it is getting easier to find a cheap but also cosy accommodation at Lake Baikal, even though there are still regions that don't offer any possibilities.

Where to stay - southern shore

The easily reachable south of Lake Baikal offers sandy beaches, lonely bays, deep forests and mountain tops of 2000 metres. [more]

"Friends of Baikal 2007" awarded >

The first 'green leaves' for an advanced sound environmental practices for nature conservation in the tourist sector around Lake Baikal were awared in September 2007.[more]

Where to stay - Irkutsk

From simple rooms up to luxurious villas and up to new buildings of socialitic style you have a lot of possibilities for staying. [more]

Where to stay - Ulan-Ude

The number of Hotels and Hostels in Ulan-Ude is still very small, but you will find a cheap place anyway. [more]

Where to stay - West coast

Best known is for sure the island of Olchon, but on the way there you can also find accommodation that is especially interesting for bikers.[more]

Where to stay - Severobaikalsk

Where there was only Taiga 30 years ago, more and more accomodations have been built north of the Lake Baikal during the construction of the BAM and nowadays for tourists. [more]

Where to stay - Arshan

An idyllic place amidst the East-Sayan Mountains which is often compared with Davos or Carlsbad due to its location and the mineral springs. [more]

Where to stay - East-Coast

Place names on the east coast usually don't mean anything to the majority of foreign visitors but they are worth to visit. [more]

Blockhouse deluxe

No hotel, no tent, but wet and cold ... well, maybe only bitterly cold. What now? [more]

Stopover in Moscow

En route to Siberia it is always worthwile to plan a stopover in Moscow. Affordable accommodation can easily be found. [more]


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20 Oct 2007

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