Nature and environment conservation

Like it is often the case, the situation in nature and environment conservation is much more differentiated than it is displayed by Western media. Baikal Lake is neither suffering a loss of oxygen despite the cellulose plant, nor is it an ecological oasis, which is mainly due to the depth of the lake and the climatic conditions in Siberia. Apart from the cellulose plant in Baikalsk, the still heavily polluted river Selenga, and the tremendously risen waste appearance, especially the interests of the big resource companies represent a great danger for the lake.

On the other hand, today there is not one single lake in the Western world that contains such clean water like Lake Baikal. The lake is still little developed, both in the tourist and in the industry sector, which offers the big chance to maintain the lake as a unique natural habitat in the long run.

Nature conservation with obstacles

One of Putin's first official acts was to subordinate the Committee for Nature Conservation to the Ministry of Natural Resources. [more]

Nature Conservation Organisations

Since the end of the Perestroika, some private organisations have been established who are comitted to protect the nature of Lake Baikal. [more]


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30 Jan 2006

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