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Siberian Faces
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Baikalplan Association. is a small association in Dresden/Germany. Our members have been travelling to Lake Baikal since 1995 to the present day and we have also established this Internet portal during the last years. Since the project keeps on growing it requires a lot of our spare time.

Frolikha Adventure Coastline Track
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However, we would like to pass on our knowledge hoping it will help you with planing your own trip. If this is the case we would be happy about donations. We are all working on a voluntary basis and finance ourselves only through donations and the gains from our online-shop.

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FROLIKHA Adventure Coastline Track (F.A.C.T.) - 100km trekking adventure in Siberia!

Januar 2012 new update of our accommodation section!
Irkutsk - Eating like at mommy's | Social Commitment in Irkutsk!
Blog about Building the Frolikha Adventure Coastline Track

Online application for an invitation

Apart from the regular documents you need an invitation/tourist voucher to apply for a russian visa and you can get this documents here online withhin 24h.[more]

Baikalhostel - cheap accommodation

In March 2003 the first Backpacker Hostel of Irkutsk started up, with the support of Baikalplan Germany. [more]

Social Commitment in Irkutsk!

A social pedagogue founded a scout group in Shelekhov with the aim to support children and young people from weak social and often disordered family environment in order to show them a new path and sense of life.[more]

Hiking the Great Baikal Trail

It took 3 years to finish the first sections of the Great Baikal Trail with the help of volunteers from all over the world. Now, hikers can discover these first trails by themselves. [more]

SHOP - General and hiking maps!

Our online shop offers a great variety of different maps of the Baikal region, the Altai Mountains and Kamtchatka.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions!

Visa, register, rent a car, mobile phone, ice cover - the most frequently asked questions. [more]


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